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This isn't a Helicopter related item but "since a large percentage of the Pilots out there we have run across also ride Motorcycles we thought you may want to be aware of WHO NOT TO BUY YOUR MOTORCYCLE INSURANCE FROM. On June 16, 2005, our bike got totalled along with a few parts of us. Unfortunately we missed out on most of that years fun due to one really bad insurance company (Progressive) and what we have came to know as their slick adjusters. The Big Bang! Did you know Progressive Insurance Sucks Click the link above and we'll show you how we know that! Last Update  2 - 08
Whats was Happening on the Secondary Front Line I guess you can say no news is good news and we really haven’t had any reports to post for quite some time. It has been reported to me "through scuttle butt" that the folks on the other side of the pond in the UK have had 2 shaft breaks in the past (date unknown) on the New style "35mm Rotorway Factory Chain Driven Drive"as well as a Rotorway 30mm Chain  Drive. So far we haven't received any "actual" postings or otherwise information on them.
Donna and I haven't been able to pursue our helicopter activities for several years due to some personal injuries to our bodies and our home as well as our pocket books. We had hoped to be back in the air by now but it isn't looking like it's going to happen any time soon
Ipower   our   former   Internet   host   provider   that   we   had   this   site   residing   upon   took   it   down   a   few years   ago   because   our   site   was   according   to   them   old,   out   dated,   and   taking   up   to   much   bandwidth so   we   have   no   choice   but   to   rewrite   the   entire   RotorwayFun   website   to   bring   it   up   to   todays standards   (if   that   possible)   lol.      Were   a   lot   older   and   slower   these   days   so   this   website   will   be   a work   in   progress   for   the   next   year   or   so   as   we   attempt   bring   this   site   back   to   what   it   used   to   be.     Many   of   the   links   to   other   people’s   websites   as   well   as   businesses   are   gone   now   so   if   a   link   doesn’t work we’ll do our best to fix or remove it from the pages as we go.
Our   Apologies   for   the   low   Rez   images   we   have   on   this   new   site.      Back   in   the   day   it   was   common   place to   compress   images   down   to   60%   to   save   loading   time   as   well   as   storage   apace.      Somehow   we   either   lost   or   nuked   all   of   the original photos so all we have are the ones that we’re on the original web site.
From   our   home   and   business   located   here   in   Knoxville,   TN.   (USA).      We   are   experiencing   extremely   slow   loading   times   on   all   of the   pages   we   have   made   so   far   on   7   of   our   computers,   2   cell   phones   and   even   our   Ipad   Pro.      We’re   not   sure   if   we   have screwed   up   somewhere   writing   the   site   or   if   the   servers   the   site   are   are   located   on   are   throttled   or   maybe   just   located   to   far away.      At   this   time   we   have   chosen   to   host   this   site   with   Xara   our   who   makes   and   supports   our   website   program   which   is located   we   think   is   Germany.      The   support   people   say   they   aren’t   seeing   any   of   the   page   loading   issues   we   see.      All   of   our other   websites   are   written   with   and   in   this   same   layout   this   same   software   and   are   located   here   in   the   US   on   the   east   coast   so at this time we just don’t know what the problem is but we’re working on it so please bare with us.
We   have   also   chosen   Not   To   Make   a   Mobil   Screen   Size   Version   if   this   site.         We   just   don’t   have   the   time   to   make   2   other versions   so   if   you   don’t   have   a   desktop   computer   you   may   be   out   of   luck.      Our   other   websites   are   written   with   the   same   Xara software and all of them seem to work just fine at least on all of our devices
----There will be no current information on this site until we get it it all up and running.----
Xara / Magix Tech Support, this is what we see
It takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to 1 hour and 45 minutes to upload the site whether we make a large change just or 1 letter of text correcting a misspelled word. We have it set to only upload changed files but it loads the entire site anyways 8-21-18  slowly making progress, deleted duplicate variant pages and most pages are loading faster, set for fast publish it’s still uploading the entire site each time, on an upside it’s only taking 63 minutes.
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