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John & Charmienne (Goose) Pohlman City:  Westminster State:  Maryland Email:  n94cj@erols.com Date Purchased:  November, 1996 Date Ship Certified:  May 1, 1997 Model of Ship:  Exec 90
Luke Real Address:  2602 Offutt Rd City:  Woodstock State:  MD Zip Code:  21163 Country:  USA E-mail:  LREAL@OBARR.COM Phone:  (410) 922-9019 Model of Ship:  162F Registration #  N162LR Date Purchased:  2/19/2003 Date Certified:  1/1/2000
Comments Expect to receive groups three and four on June 21st, 2004. Currently training for private ticket at W29 on Kent Island MD. Hoping to be certified and airborne mid 2005.
Upgrades Spurling Cog drive, 40 MM Shaft on order. Avionics KY97A, KT 76, AK 350, Garmin 196.
This ship was sold in 2003 to Scott Anderson in Athens Tennessee
Upgrades: Pro-Drive Cog Belt and Pro-Drive Clutch, Al Behuncik's coolant diverter, 162F coolant system, new cylinders and skirted pistons, new upgraded cam gear, and a new 35mm secondary shaft with my own 35mm two bearing design pillow block.
William Copp Address:  117 Davis Road City:  Bedford State:  MA Zip Code:  01730 Country:  USA E-mail:  wmcopp@juno.com Phone:  781-275-5243 Model of Ship:  162F Registration # N241WC Date Purchased:  6/11/2001 Date Ship Certified:  2/8/2002
Chris Yule City:  Newton Center State:  MA Zip Code:  02459 Registration # N3YD
Craig A. Moran Address:  P.O. Box 1104 City:  Sturbridge State:  MA Zip Code:  01566 Country:  USA Home Phone:  508-347-9241 Cell Phone:  508-326-3543 Model of Ship:  162F Date Purchased:  January 1, 1998 Date Certified:  Still under construction Registration # N162EF Frame Serial # 6105
Comments:  Received kit June 25, 2001 and stated work immediately. First hover was on Dec. 8, 2001. Didn't get airworthiness until Feb 2002 because of flight test area problems.  Have flown 241WC 190 hrs. since Feb. 2002. I own and operate a small helicopter flight school in New Hampshire with two R-22 helicopters and I really prefer the 162F to the Robinson. I think the Robinson is probably a little easier to fly because of the throttle governor and not having to move a ballast weight. I am also a A&P/IA and do all the maintenance on the R-22's and find the amount of work to maintain the 162F or R-22 about the same. The 162F fuel burn averages 6-7 gph @ 105 mph, have had it up to 130 mph @ full throttle. I consider the 162F to have a little smoother ride than the R-22.   Updated:  2/2/2003
Pro-Drive cog belt EZstart clutch heater fan secondary bearing temp. gauge collective lock machined throttle grips remote engine breather Heli-Pak electric turn & bank eyebrow & post lights on instruments nav lights
landing light strobe light rosewood veneer instrument panel removable passenger cyclic and collective controls painted interior fitted cockpit carpets KY97A com w/frequency transfer on stick KT76C w/altitude readout Sigtronics intercom Garmin 295-Map GPS Encoder ELT
Main Drive Type:  Factory Chain Clutch Type:  Factory Swing Arm:  Factory 1st Version Secondary Shaft:  30mm Double Bearing
Fred R. Elias Jr. Address:  2372 Cardigan Ct. City:  Warren State:  MI Zip Code:  48091-1617 Country:  US E-mail:  fred@autoparts.com Phone:  800-837-9200 Cell Phone:  586-755-1245 Home Page:  http://users.bignet.net/~feslope/kabcam-3.html Model of Ship:  162 EXEC Registration # N162E Date Purchased:  11/1/2000
J. Mark Wolf City:  Pinckney (near Ann Arbor) State:  MI Email:  jmarkwolf@yahoo.com Website:  www.ucosm/helicopter/ Date Purchased:  Took delivery of  Exec 162F in November of 1998 Status:  First flight May, 2001 Comments:  1500 hours to build
Dan Wilkinson Address:  84 S. Skyview Drive City:  Kalamazoo State:  MI Zip Code:  49009-6958 Country:  USA N# N52988 Model 1994 Exec 90 Registration Date 4/13/94
Mitchell Price Purchase Date:  April, 2005 Aircraft Model:  Exec 162F State:   Michigan Email:  mrp272 at netscape.com
Mike Mazar Address:  6373 Scott Rd City:  Mt. Morris State:  MI Zip Code:  48458 Country:  United States E-mail:  mrtoyman1@aol.com or mmazar@tuffyauto.com Phone Home:  810-631-6348 Work:  810-230-6430 ext#300 Cell:  810-516-1233 Model of Ship:  Exec 162F Registration # N162SM "Soaring Spirit" Date Purchased:  6/14/1998 Date Ship Certified:  9/9/2002
Craig & Beth Hook Address:  1650 Vandekarr Road City:  Owosso State:  MI Zip Code:  48867 Cell:  989-277-3599 Office:  989-723-1681 Home:  898-729-6395 Email:  cdhook@hotmail.com Model of Ship:  1991 Exec-90 "Lofty Endeavor" Date Purchased:  November, 1991
Don Giackino Address: 145 Sandy Lane City: Marquette State: Michigan Zip: 49855 Phone: 906-249-3930 Model: Exec 162F Registration # N556DG Hobbs Hours: 12 as of 12/19/03 Date Purchased:  10/20/01 Date Certified:  9/10/03
Glenn Flood Address:  1815 Arrow Head Trail City:  Gaylord State:  MI Zip Code:  49735 Country:  USA E-mail:  gflood@voyager.net Model of Ship:  Scorpion 133 Date Purchased:  8/15/2002
Comments:  Planning first start up end of January 2003.  I am not too proud of my body work but will put the mechanical build up against any. Updated:  12/8/2002
Upgrades: ACIS Spurling Cog, Clutch and tail rotor Diverter thermostat from Al Behuncik Cyclic clevis, lateral peddle and cyclic shaft bushings all upgraded to bearings. Aurora rod ends throughout Tub split Chopco slider rail and sliders
Comments:  I purchased the ship 80% complete. I am researching the different upgrades so I can finish my first project.
Comments: This is my second ship. The first was involved in a crash in June 2002 after the main belts became contaminated with coolant from a defective coolant cap and power was lost to the mains.  The ship was destroyed but no one was hurt.  Rivers and helicopters don't mix.
Upgrades: Main drive type: Pro-Drive Clutch type: Pro-Drive Swing arm: Pro-Drive Swing arm breakage: No Secondary shaft: 35mm spherical KLX135A KT76A Transponder w/encoder Position, strobe and landing lights Leather interior Cargo Pod
Comments:  I bought a slow build kit.  First flight 06/1993. 550 hours to build, but will never be totally finished. 330+ hours on the hobbs.
Upgrades: 35mm spherical shaft Cog-Belt inflight adjustable horizontal trim cabin heat that will roast you throttle friction lock, etc.
Comments:  I began work on my kit in June of 1998.  Being my first endevor in aviation, I took what seemed to be an extreme amount of time double checking every aspect of the construction.  Construction was pretty much completed by January 2002.  I then disassembled it for painting, reassembled it, and completed final rigging.  I was able to finally get it inspected in September 2002.  After 14 hours of hovering to build my confidence about her proper assembly, I finally made my first flight at altitude with her on November 17, 2002. Everything is performing great!  I am currently building a custom 40' tri-axle trailer (complete with living quarters) to travel with the ship to fly-ins and on vacation. Updated:  10/31/2004
Upgrades: Whelan Nav, Strobe, and Landing lights interior lighting PSE 3000 Stereo Intercom Bose headsets Ameri-King AK450 ELT King KY97A Radio KingKT 76A Transponder Ameri-King AK350 Encoder Garmin GPSMap 195 Vertical card compass 65 Amp Alternator Cyberdyne Temp Guage Digital Rotor/Engine Tach upgrade Heel plate storage trays Walnut dash inserts Fully upholstered interior
Awards Homers 2002 Grand Champion Homers 2002 Builders Choice Sun n Fun 2003  Grand Champion PRA 2003 Grand Champion Oshkosh 2003 Reserve Grand Champion OshKosh 2004 Grand Champion  I'm pretty sure MIke has racked up even more awards then are listed here.
Updated:  3/6/05
Comments:  I have just ordered my rotorway, pick-up in April. I have been to the factory twice and have been impressed so far. I plan on picking up the boxes my self in Chandler to save some $$$ on freight. (a friend of mine has a semi and trailer).   I should also mention that I am a commercial/cfi-rotorcraft/helicopter. Have around 850 hours in Hughes 300's.