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Rotorway Owners and Builders

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Rotorway owners and builders in Illinois
Kevin Byrd City: Atlanta State: Georgia Email:  Heloguy4u@aol.com Registration # N452KB Upgrades: Pro Drive Easy Start Clutch Waitman Blades and just a lot of updates to Exec 90 specs. Comments:  I have an older Exec that has 265 hours on it. Kevin sold this ship in late 2003
N452KB, Kevin Byrd, Atlanta Georgia N321OT, Tom Ellis, Lenox, IL
Name: Tom Ellis Address: 1339 N Cooper Rd City: New Lenox State: IL Zip: 60451 Email:  Robintom1@sbcglobal.net Registration # N3210T Home phone: 815-462-5979 Cell phone: 815-405-5082
Model: 1997 Exec 162F Frame serial # 6220 Engine serial # 6179 Purchase date: 4/1/03 Date certified: 7/8/03 Main drive type: Factory Chain Clutch type: Factory Swing arm manufacturer: Factory 1st Version Secondary shaft: 30mm double bearing Updated info as of 9/4/04
ANTHONY D HOPP N-number: N162GS Aircraft Serial Number: 6258 Aircraft Manufacturer: SHIPPS GARY L Model: R1 162F Engine Manufacturer: AMA/EXPR Model: UNKNOWN ENG Aircraft Year: 1997 Owner Address: 4501 GREENBRIAR DR City: SPRINGFIELD, IL, 62707-6220 Registration Date: 16-Jan-2003
N162GS, Anthony D. Hopp, IL.
Name:  Rick Fowles Address: 120 North Green Street  City: McHenry  State:  IL  Zip Code:  60050  Country:  USA  E-mail:  fowles6@aol.com  Phone:  847-546-2111
Model of Ship: 162F  Registration #:  N144WR  Date Purchased:  5/20/1999  Date Certified:  8/7/2000
Rotorway owners and builders in Georgia
John L. Rahn Address:  12N882 Engel Road City:  Sycamore State:  IL Zip Code:  60178-6048 Email:  John_Rahn@msn.com Home Phone:  847-683-7246 Office Phone:  847-608-5510 Cell Phone:  847-334-7246 Model of Ship:  1999 Exec 162F ACIS Registration # N818JR Frame Serial # 6428 Engine Serial # 7010 Date Purchased:  6/20/99 Kit delivered 11/99 Date Ship Certified:  2/26/03 Hobbs Hours:  1.6 hours as of 1/28/03
Registration # N818JR Frame Serial # 6428 Engine Serial # 7010 Date Purchased:  6/20/99 Kit delivered 11/99 Date Ship Certified:  2/26/03 Hobbs Hours:  1.6 hours as of 1/28/03 Upgrades: Pro-Drive Cog Belt Al Behuncik's Clutch Al Behuncik's Modified Swing Arm Currently 30mm double bearing &  Temp dots, will upgrade to 35mm after 100 hours More upgrades listed on website at www.homestead.com/johnrahn/exec162f.html
Rotorway Owners and Builders in Indiana
Jerry and Linda White Address:  1821 Beelor Rd. City:  Richmond State:  Indiana Zip Code:  47374-9387 Country:  USA E-mail: Phone:  765-935-5501
Registration # N7780J Serial # 5198 Model:  Exec 90 Date Purchased:  December, 1992 Date Certified:  May, 1994 Mods:  Pro-Drive Belt, Electric Clutch & Secondary Mod
Mike Francis Address:  2235 Foxcliff Estates North City:  Martinsville State:  Indiana Zip Code:  46151 Country:  USA E-mail:  m_d_francis at yahoo.com Phone:  765-342-6684
Model: R162 F Aircraft Serial # 6358 Date Purchased: Registration #  N8270U Registration Date:  dec 7, 1999 This is a Super Nice helicopter and has all kinds of add-ons Jerry did
Model:  Jet Exec Registration #  Under Construction Date Purchased:  4/1/2003
Joe Hudson City:  Franklin State:  Indiana E-mail: mcginntool at earthlink.net
 Comments:  Spent almost all of my available time for a year and half.  At the time I knew absolutely no one with a Rotorway (or any other kind of helicopter for that matter), so the only help I had was Tom Smith and I respect him tremendously to this day.  My kit was one of the last "standard kits" which meant that I had to build my tail boom, blade doublers etc.  Also there was no wiring harness with that kit.  It came with a whole lot of wire and connectors to make your own. I also had to do a lot of my own welding.
Ardie Greenamyer State:  Kentucky E-mail:  ardieg at iglou.com Cell# 502-551-2513 Registration # N911BZ Date Purchased:  January, 1997 Mods:  Pro-Drive Belt