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Some listings are from the person and some listings we got from sources such as the Fly In's,  RotorWayFun MSN site, Kitplanes, and such, so some of the information may or may not be correct.
Rotorway owners and builders in Alaska Rotorway owners and builders in Arizona
Rotorway Factory Helicopters
N14897 is De registered  Serial Number: 100 Type Registration    Individual Manufacturer Name  COBB INTL INC Model  ROTORWAY TRANS-1 Mode S Code  50142033 Year Manufacturer 1994 Certificate Issue Date  04/01/1997 Cancel Date  08/23/2002 Reason for Cancellation: Exported To  FRANCE
N14897, Cobb INTL, DBA Rotorway INTL, Chandler AZ.
N904 Serial Number:  6044 Manufacturer Name  COBB INTL / DBA ROTORWAY INTL INC Model  EXEC 162F Type Aircraft:  Rotorcraft Classification:  Experimental Type Engine:  Reciprocating  Mode S Code:  53077007 Certificate Issue Date  03/29/1995 MFR Year:  1997 Air Worthiness Date 12/04/2003 Registered Owner Name:  COBB INTERNATIONAL INC Street:  4140 W MERCURY WAY City:  CHANDLER State:  ARIZONA Zip Code:  85226-3707 County:  MARICOPA Country:  UNITED STATES
N904, Cobb INTL, DBA Rotorway INTL, Chandler AZ. N904, Cobb INTL, DBA Rotorway INTL, Chandler AZ.
Yours truly in the pilots seat, good to see its still around.
Private Owners
Name:  Bill Wilson City:  Tuscon State:  AZ Model of Ship:  Exec 162F Hours:  100 hours Mods:  Cog Belt & Waitman Blades
Rotorway owners and builders in California
Name:  Bill O'Keefe State:  CA Email:  okeefebi at mattel.com Date Purchased:  March 29, 2001 Upgrades: Pro-Drive Cog Belt & EZ Clutch and Al's coolant diverter.
Rotorway owners and builders in Delaware
Brooks Cooley Address:  Air Kraft, Inc. 7 Paisley Drive City:  Wilmington State:  Delaware Zip Code:  19808 Home Phone:  302-994-8055 Cell Phone:  302-547-4525 Color Fax:  302-994-0238 Email:  airkrft@aol.com
Rotorway owners and builders in Florida
GOGOLLA BERND Address: 3285 SPRUCE CREEK GLEN DAYTONA BEACH, FL, 32128 N-number: N7059F Aircraft Serial Number: 6725 Aircraft Manufacturer: ROTORWAY INTERNATIONAL          Model: EXEC 162-F Engine   Manufacturer: ROTAX          Model: SEE BOMBADIER Aircraft Year: 2002      Type of Owner: Individual Registration Date: 30-Aug-2004 Certificate Issue Date:  8/30/04 Airworthiness Certificate Type: Experimental Approved Operations: Amateur Built NTSB # MIA05LA001 Octber 1st 2004
Bob Fiorenze Phone # (407)-673-9080 Email bobfio at cfl.rr.com
Bob Fiorenze
Dick & Pat Aziere Address: 18605 Mach One Dr. City: Port St. Lucie State: Florida Zip: 34987 Country: USA Home Phone: 772-461-2610 Cell Phone: 772-530-4876 Email:  dickaziere@cs.com
Comments: No problems with ship. The first thing I did was send the  secondary shaft to John Spurling via Terry Eberhart. Second thing I did was get Mark Peterson to come down to my hangar for 5 days and completely go over ship and replace the secondary drive.  Mark gave me 1 hour of training and I have been flying it ever sence. I am scheduled to go to Phoenix for transition training in March, 2005. Last Update:  2/15/05
Purchase Date: January 15, 2005 Date Certified: January 1, 1998 Aircraft Model: 1999 RotorWay Exec 162F Registration Number: N99TE Frame Serial Number: 6306 Original Builder: Terry Eberhart Hobbs Hours: 67 Hours Main Drive Type: Pro-Drive Clutch Type: Pro-Drive Swing Arm Manufacturer: Pro-Drive Swing Arm Breakage: None Secondary Shaft: Pro-Drive (Jan 2005)
Upgrades: EXEC 90 airframe alternator frame mount & water pump mount reinforcement 1.750 main rotor shaft and swashplate setup 162F oil tank water cooling system with 1 piece radiator thicker tail boom skin, skid & tail boom, ballast 162 dual ignition engine with 162F muffler, fuel rail with fuel screen/shut off valve, All aero quip stainless steel fuel and oil lines, In cabin carburetor heat control 35 mm shaft, Spurling cog belt set up will install Spurling tail rotor, Has Al Behunciks hydraulic clutch back side idler collective friction & throttle coolant diverter system Will install Waitman blades, navigation lights, homebuilt tail strobes, 2 landing lights, Terra com radio, Narco 122 vor nav, All circuit breaker/switches, Doors and skid pants, Split tub.
Comments:  Had 160 hours on original EXEC 145 with 30 mm secondary chain drive with 3 bearing setup and no problems.   Updated:  12/9/2002
Wayne Wengren Address:  P.O. Box 28 City:  Valyermo State:  CA Zip Code:  93563 Country:  U.S.A. E-mail:  majikdragon at att.net Phone:  (661) 944-1162 Model of Ship:  EXEC 90 converted from EXEC 145 Registration # N83WW Date Purchased:  9/1/1980 Date Ship Certified:  11/1/1983
Comments:  Semi-retired filmmaker specialized in documentaries and also produced a couple of feature films. Spent over a thousand hours shooting from just about every type of chopper made over a 30 year period and finally decided to build my own and later modify to shoot pix from belly mounted cameras.
George Lukens City:  Anchorage State:  Alaska Email:  glukens at alaska.com Model of Ship:  Exec 162F Registration # N5525S Status:  Complete except for attaching main rotor blades and painting.
Exported To Aircraft Registration prior to Deregistration Name     COBB INTERNATIONAL INC Street  4140 W MERCURY WAY City  CHANDLER State:  ARIZONA Zip Code:  85226-3707 County:  MARICOPA Country:  UNITED STATES Cancel Date  06/26/2001 Reason for Cancellation  Cancelled NTSB Report #  LAX00LA071
N89678 is Deregistered Serial Number    R.I. 5026 Type Registration    Corporation Manufacturer Name  COBB INTL INC / DBA ROTORWAY INT Certificate Issue Date  12/02/1991 Model  ROTORWAY EXEC 90   Mode S Code  53057414 Year Manufacturer  None
MFR Year: 1992 Certificate Issue Date:  07/08/1992 Airworthiness Date:  12/08/2003 Engine Manufacturer:  AMA/EXPR Classification Experimental Engine Model:UNKNOWN ENG Category: Crew Training Registered Owner
N9876D Serial Number:  RI-5160 Type Registration:  Corporation Manufacturer Name:  COBB INTERNATIONAL INC Model:   ROTORWAY EXEC 90   Status  Valid Type Aircraft:  Rotorcraft  Type Engine  Reciprocating Mode S Code  53344123
 Name:     COBB INTERNATIONAL INC  Street:  4140 W MERCURY WAY  City:  CHANDLER State: ARIZONA Zip Code:  85226-3707  County:  MARICOPA  Country:  UNITED STATES NTSB Report #  LAX03LA084
Aircraft Registration prior to Deregistration Name:  COBB INTERNATIONAL INC Street:  4140 WEST MERCURY WAY City  CHANDLER State:  ARIZONA Zip Code:  85226 County:  MARICOPA Country:  UNITED STATES Cancel Date:  11/12/2003 Reason for Cancellation:  Destroyed NTSB Report # LAX00LA173
N21901 Serial Number:  RI6035 Type Registration:  Corporation Manufacturer Name:  COBB INTL INC / DBA ROTORWAY INT Certificate Issue Date:  07/11/1994 Model  EXEC: 162F Mode S Code: 50356543 Year Manufacturer:  1995
James Walter Johnson  Street 1429 S Coati Dr. City: Tucon State: AZ Zip Code: 85713-1221 County: IMA  Country  USA Registration #  N162AZ Serial Number398 Type Registration: Individual Manufacturer Name: James Walter Johnson Certificate Issue Date  #1/23/1999 Model: Rotorway 162F Year Manufacture:
Cancel Date:  4/02/2004 Reason for Cancellation Destroyed NTSB # LAX03LA011 October 19th 2002
Greg Vesely Address:  3205 E. Fountain St. City:  Mesa State:  AZ Zip Code:  85205 Country:  USA E-mail:  greg at veselyfamily.org Phone:  480-924-5883 Model of Ship:  162F Registration # N875VG Date Purchased:  10/17/1997 Date Ship Certified:  12/31/2002
Upgrades: Acis Light kit Helipac 35mm shaft All RWI recommended upgrades All Al Behuncik's add-ons Updated:  12/9/2002
Comments I am an Electrical Engineer working at Northrop Grumman Space Technology as a Diagnostic Scientist.  In 1982 I received my commercial helicopter rating, bought a Hughes 269C and started my own helicopter company – mostly giving rides at fairs, doing high line inspections for the local power companies, crop surveys, and some work for the nation park district.  I even pulled a banner with the Hughes along Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. I ended up with a little over a 1000 hrs (~ 900 Helicopter and ~ 100 fixed wing) by 1985 - then sold everything – moved to FL to work for Honeywell Military Avionics and started building offshore race boats.  I have recently moved to CA to work at Northrop-Grumman and have bought an Exec. Updated 3/24/2004 
Donald G. Stoller Address:  1681 S Citrus Ave.  City:  Escondido  State:  California  Zip Code:  92027-4642  Country:  USA  E-mail:  donald.stoller at ngc.com  Phone:  H-760-747-1288 W-858-521- 6478   Model of Ship:  Exec 152  Registration #:  N792CM  Date Purchased:  12/2/2003  Date Certified:  5/2/1986
Upgrades:  152 Engine Mallory Dual Point Single Carburetor Dual Ignition – single plug Asymmetrical Blades Elastomeric Rotor Pro-Drive Belt Pro-Drive Electric Clutch
Ken Saumure, San Diego CA. N162KS
Ken and a fellow named Todd crashed this ship. It was later sold to another fellow who is restoring it. Im not sure but I think the final ruling on it was pilot error from allowing the rotor rpm to drop to an unrecoverable low speed.
Name:  Ken Saumure Address:  6340 Sequence Drive City:  San Diego State:  CA Zip Code:  92121 Office Phone:  858-657-5185 Mobile Phone:  619-300-6685 Email:  ken at kitcopter.com or ksaumure at comstream.com Website:  http://www.kitcopter.com Registration # N162KS Model of Ship:  Completely stock line Exec 162F Date Purchased:  Received kit 8/1998 Date Completed:  First flight 4/2000
Comments:  Approximately 1000 hours build time, 160 hours TT flown day/night, hot/cold, sea level/6000', mountains/desert.  you name it, we fly it there.
Robert Bardin Address:  1460 Park Place City:  San Marino State:  CA Zip Code:  91108 Country:  USA E-mail:  n10tu@hotmail.com Phone:  626-405-9494 Model of Ship:  Jet Exec (Exec 90) Date Purchased:  2/1/2003
Upgrades: 1987 Exec 90 under construction Solar T-62T-32 turbine w/KISS conversion Hope to have flying 2003/4 Updated:  2/18/2003
Richard R. Burnett Address:  2321 Lacey Drive City:  Milpitas State:  CA Zip Code:  95035 Country:  USA E-mail:  burnettrichard@comcast.net Phone:  408-942-0141 Cell Phone:  408-221-4422 Website: at websites.expercraft.com/burnettrichard/
Registration Number:  Not Yet Model of Ship:  2004 RotorWay Exec 162F Date Purchased:  11/29/04 Frame Serial Number: 6918 Engine Serial Number: 6578 Main Drive Type: Factory Chain Clutch Type: Factory Swing Arm Manufacturer: Factory 1st Version Secondary Shaft: 35mm spherical Updated:  12/27/04
Name:  Robert Kearbey, DDS Address:  2690 Olive Hwy. City:  Oroville State:  CA Zip Code:  95966 Country:  USA E-mail:  kearbey at cncnet.com Phone:  530-533-0200 Model of Ship:  162F ACIS Frame Serial # 6608 Date Purchased:  9/15/2001 Date Ship Certified:  11/20/2002
Upgrades: Spurling Cog Belt & Clutch ICOM remotely controlled com Behuncik diverter my own modified cabin heater governor electric oil pressure gauge cyclic grips   Comments:  I am a CFII ASMEL MEI airplanes, private helicopter. Updated:  1/24/2003
Rick Etzler City:  San Luis Obispo State:  CA Home Airport:  SBP Email:  fastbird at pw-x.com Model of Ship:  162 ACIS Registration # N162RE
Upgrades: Spurling Pro-Drive & Clutch Comments:  Started building in June, 2000 Starting helo lessons - Phase I - Dec. 3, '01
It made us think maybe RotorWay had something to hide
and kept us hunting information for another year until we talked to enough people to and figure it out for ourselves.  We did run into some folks that weren't too happy with their RotorWay and we still do.  We run into alot more that are very pleased and have had more than one ship and that has got to say something for RotorWay.
We'd like to have Owners send us their information along with their favorite picture of there ship with them in it if possible.
Should your name appear on this list and your not an open sharing kind of person, let us know and well be more than happy to remove it asap!
This is a listing of all the RotorWay owners we know of.
This is something that would have really helped us when we were looking at buying our RotorWay.  It sure would have been nice to have someone closer than Phoenix or some other far away place to go be ask questions and get to see the machine up close and personal.  We inquired with RotorWay and they said they didn't know of any in our state or the states that surround Tennessee (and that's a bunch) but after going to Homers Fly-In we met more than a few owners (3 of them less than 40 miles away) that have been into RotorWays for over 20 years I think they said.   Well we were kind of put out by the answer we got from RotorWay and you know they would have had to know of old customers like that.
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Eric Leuty Address: 3318 Lantern Way City: San Jose State: CA Zip: 95111 Email:  leuty at sbcglobal.net Model:  1993 Exec 90/162F which came out one month before the 162F Frame Serial # 6003 Date Certified:  1/24/04 ? Hobbs Hours:  0
Main Drive Type: Factory Chain Clutch type: Factory Swing Arm: Factory 1st Version Secondary shaft: 30mm double bearing Upgrades: Lighting kit
Rony Lidor Address:  3591 Multiview Drive City:  Los Angeles State:  CA Zip Code:  00068 Home Phone:  323-888-1177 Cell Phone:  323-683-1001 Registration # N309F aka JOY Frame Serial # 6221 Date Purchased:  Oct., 2001 with 53 TT Original Builder:  Russell Skinner of Dana Point, CA. Ship Certified:  December, 1998 Hobbs Hours:  154 as of 1/27/03 with no major problems
Upgrades: 35mm spherical Pro-Drive cog belt, electric clutch & swing arm strobe, nav lights & landing lights Low RPM  alarm E.L.T AK-450 hand held GPS clock electric Artificial Horizon back(Left)side Idler thermostat diverter and crankcase vent kit by AL Behunick. added Helipac in Dec., 2001. Comments:  I got my flying certificate in 1972.
Ralph & Marcy Luikart Address:  1308 DeLaGuerra Road City:  Santa Barbara State:  CA Zip Code:  93103-2115 Email:  Silverwriter at earthlink.net Home Phone:  805-965-7580 Registration # N162BT Model:  Exec 162F Purchase Date:  4/10/99 Date Certified:  4/16/2002 Hobbs Hours:  73 as of 1/12/03 Original Builder:  Benjamin Tew
Upgrades: Main bearing temperature sensor fuel return upgrade 30 mm spherical shaft Comments:  It is clear, given the breakage history of the 30mm shaft, that an upgrade to the 35mm will be necessary.
Brooks says he's built six Rotorway helicopters.  Four Exec90 and two 162F models.
NTSB Identification: MIA05LA001 On October 1, 2004, about 1440 eastern daylight time, a Rotorway 162F helicopter, N7059F, registered to and operated by a private individual, as a Title 14 CFR part 91 personal flight, lost engine power while in cruise flight in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed, and no flight plan was filed. The private-rated helicopter pilot and passenger were not injured, and the helicopter incurred substantial damage. The flight originated at Spruce Creek Airport, Daytona Beach, Florida, the same day, about 1415. The pilot stated that he flew the helicopter southbound along the shoreline, and the first 20 minutes of the flight had been uneventful. Just after performing a right turn to return to his departure airport, he said he noticed that the rotor rpm was at the "low green" portion of the operating range, so he lowered collective and increased throttle input, but the rpm continued to drop to the "mid- yellow" range. He said he initiated an auto rotation from about 400 feet AGL, and touched down in a level attitude, with zero forward speed and minimum vertical velocity, into the water. He added that shortly after impacting the water the helicopter rolled 90 degrees to the left, and came to rest in about 3 feet of water. After recovery from the water, the helicopter was examined, and no anomalies were noted. In addition, the engine was removed and shipped to the manufacturer, Rotorway International, Chandler, Arizona, and a detailed examination was performed under the supervision of an FAA inspector. The examination revealed that the engine had accumulated rust consistent with it having been in salt water, however no anomalies were noted. The Fully Automated Digital Electronic Control (FADEC) was examined by the manufacturer, Electronic Concepts & Engineering, Inc., Holland, Ohio, and the damage sustained as a result of the immersion in salt water did not permit recovery of data.
Robert (Bob) St.Denis   Address:  183 SW Captains Glen City:  Lake City  State:  Florida Zip Code:  32025 Country:  USA  E-mail:  stdenisr at se.rr.com Phone:  (904) 704-9258 Model of Ship:  162F  Registration # N3122G Date Purchased:  8/1/05 Date Certified:  June, 1994 Aircraft Model:  Exec 1994
Original Builder: Dan Van Dusen Hobbs Hours: 35 Main Drive Type: Factory Chain Clutch Type: Factory Swing Arm Manufacturer: Factory 1st Version Secondary Shaft: Factory 30mm Spherical Last Update: January 13, 2006
Rotorway Owners and Builders