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There are many black holes in the RotorWay books, prints and videos and if you've never been there and done that and are as green as we were, and still are to the Rotorways, it takes a lot of head scratching to proceed.  I think our ratio was about 5 minutes work to 3 hours of head scratching, we gotta have a million hours in this thing lol. RotorWay provides wonderful videos, books and kinda sorta good blue prints with the kit. They did a great job but there's just so much one can write in a manual. The videos are first class and provide vast amounts of information but they to don't show or tell it all either. The prints are pretty basic and mostly for parts identification and pictures of the way it all goes together.  The downside is RotorWay doesn't update the manuals and prints often enough to keep up with the changes they made as time went on. An example of this is the FADEC box that now hangs under the seat instead of behind the pilots seatback. Our thinking is it would be very easy to change the pages in the building manual that goes out with the next kit to reflect that change but for some reason they just don't do it. Another example is the video showing the vertical tail fin leading edge aligned at 128 degrees with the top of the tail boom. Redoing the videos would be a very costly venture and they could have added an addendum in the builder manual to alert us of this change but for some reason they just don't do it and let you find this on your own. We spent a lot of RotorWay's and Our time, not to mention the price of all the phone calls we each spent calling one another playing phone tag.  We feel that a lot of it could have been easily avoided if they just kept up with the simple task of reprinting a few pages in the manuals from time to time. After we ordered our kit we chatted with Tom Smith, Rotorway's main tech guy, and asked him of any anomalies in the kit. His reply was there wasn't any and that some people perceive different parts in different manners.  In other words I may have trouble on one thing and another person will just sail right through that section without a moments trouble.  We thought that was as good as we could ask for.  In the next several months and then into years we discovered all kinds of things that were known about long before we got our kit that the folk's at Rotorway knew about all the time.  There's more than likely a bigger picture here Donna and I can't see, but until we learn what it is,that's the way we'll feel about it.
Max trying to make heads or tails on this thing
Our Whole Experience from A to Z  There are 15,000 pictures on this site as of January 23, 2005, and hopefully there is a picture of the item you are looking for. Our building pages are not in the order we built the ship We thought it would be easier for folks to be able to go to the area of interest instead of scrolling through from beginning to end.  We hope you like it and most of all we hope it aids others in the construction of their ship while making those Saturday/Sunday decisions we had to make while we were home alone and stuck in our tracks. LOL or  lol = Laughing out Loud
The Finished Product in October 2001 in Oshkosh WI