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Fred R. Elias, Jr.  Address: 2372 Cardigan Ct.  City: Warren  State: MI  Zip: 48091-1617  Email: fred at autoparts.com  Phone: 800-837- 9200  Cell phone: 586-755-1245  Comments: Great looking site.  Welcome to the "Web building" world!!  Fred-N162E John L. Rahn,  Address: 12N882 Engel Road  City: Sycamore  State: Illinois  Zip: 60178-6048 Website at homestead.com johnrahn/exec162f.html Phone: 847-683-7246 Cell phone: 847-334-7246 Comments: Nice to see you put together a nice site! Byron beers, City: tempe State: az Email: antrimboys at yahoo.com  Phone: 480-695-8626 Comments: I've seen you guys on the rotorway chat club and that’s how I found your web site.  It really looks good.  I don't own one yet but just starting to look into it.  Just out of interest what did all of the extras cost you?  Well, glad to see you guys are up and running and the ship looks good. Sorry to hear about all the drama at Rotorway’s with the flight school.  Best of luck. Tony Colbert  Address: 7130 gold rock road City: Placerville State: Ca. Zip: 95667  Country: USA  Email: mister at hitechnetworks.net Phone: (530)622-1503, Comments: hello Donna & cell, first of all i would like to personally thank you for starting the rotorway fun web site!!  It gives people the option of rotorway sites. The "other"site is quite troublesome mostly i think its the person running it, anyway i don't know where you all get the time for all this but your personal site here is great! Another fine job. you guys have out done your selfs! Thanks again  Tony John and Charmienne Pohlman  Address: 1081 Long Valley Rd.  City: Westminster  State: Maryland  Zip: 21158  Country: USA  Email: n94cj at erol.com  Phone: 410-857-4338  Comments: Check out the Rotorheads Newsletter Web Page at heliservices.com Thomas Volz  Address: 1734 Concord Rd.  City: Amelia  State: Ohio  Zip: 45102  Country: USA  Email: volz at fuse.net  Phone: 513-797- 5151  Cell phone: 513-520-5200  Comments: Hi Dona & Clell, Still building my Rotorway Facility in Amelia, OH. Your site will be helpful in moving any Rotorway project forward. Lots of Pictures, links & good stuff! Thomas Volz Rob Henderson, Address: 6020 97th Dr NE  City: Everett  State: WA  Zip: 98205  Email: robnrobin at starband.net  Comments: This has been a very informative web site, I have been thinking about getting a rotorway and you have given me so much to think about. by the way the counter said 0000007 when I first logged on, this is cool. thank keep up the good work. Hi Guys, Good job on the site.  You have made a great contribution.  It is much appreciated. Joel Rovang Moorhead, MN Santa J. Lee  Address: 1093 Lake Hall  City: Lake Village  State: Arkansas  Zip: 71653  Email: 167pt at cei.net,  Phone: 870-265-2050 Cell phone: 870-866-8134  Comments: Cell & Donna, Great Job!!  I really enjoy reading and looking at your site.  Sorry, to hear about all your problems at RW. Stay with it.. Lawrence W. Kaler, MD, PhD  Address: 7198 County Rd 3223 City: Lone Oak State: Texas Zip: 75453  Country: USA Email: apexdoc at hotmail.com  Phone: 903-662-5261 Cell phone: 903-458-1585 Comments: Purchased Graeme Smith's Display Exec162 and awaiting it's arrival from Australia.  I am purchasing a T62T-32 turbine and the KISS conversion.  I don't know the registration info but when available, I'll fill in the owner's data.  Visited with David Stewart on Monday to look at his turbine conversion and I'm sure his proximity will be most helpful to me during my build-up. Randy Holland  City: DeSmet  State: SD  Email: rholland at dtgnet.com   Comments: Great site. Keep up the good work! John D. Nakoneczie  City: Youngstown  State: Ohio  Email: RNat25427162 at aol.com  Comments: I want to say you did some A1 work on your site.  I was reading about your flight training it was like i was there.  I been going to the other rotorway site for couple of years to get all the input I can get on rotorway.  I am hoping to build one one day. Also hoping to meet all the rotorway people at fun-sun or homers this year.  I will be back to read more of your sight. Blain Stumpf  City: El Dorado Hills  State: CA  Email: BSTRSG at AOL.COM  Comments: WHAT IS "LOL"? Our answer: LOL means laughing out loud or laughing on line (you get the idea now I hope) Anthony Curry  City: Orlando  State: fl  Email: carmad1 at cfl.rr.com  Comments: wow i thought id read everything there was to read out there until i read your site. Wow that’s all i can say you did a fantastic job thanks for all your hard work and thanks for being honest about your training. As a business man too i think all company’s should be kept honest by comments and scrutiny by there customers even if there supposed to be the best which now i know that there not.  Thanks again, take care. Larry Wells  Address: P.O.. box 187  City: Farmers  State: Ky  Zip: 40319  Country: U.S.A  Email: rentride at hotmail.com  Phone: 606-784- 5834  Cell phone: 606-210-1000  Comments: You two have too much time on your hands. How in the hell do you find time to do all this when I can't even find time to fly without cheating on other things and I've done a lot of that.  By the way , Sandy and I are getting married.  You've done a good job on this site Donna and Clell.  See you at Sun-N-Fun. Bruce Borland  City: Barrie State: Ontario Country: Canada  Email: bborland at interhop.net  Comments: Yippi, Finally someone who tells it like it is.. Donna, you have quite the sense of humour, and I have enjoyed reading your site. I to have been researching the Rotorway ship, and just put down a small deposit. I have been looking for a local owner in the Toronto area, the factory says they do not know of any, what a crock!. Would you know of any in the great white north? (Ontario) area. I would like to discuss more about your Rotorway experience, at your convenience. My Ph# 705 737-1212 day 705 735-6183 eve  collect of course. Last question, would you do it again?. Regards Bruce Borland. Stewart Marchetti  City: Drums  State: Pa  Email: stumptd.net  Comments  GREAT WEB SITE. Learn a lot An laugh a lot,  Great job Stu. Name: Tony, Address: Cabero  City: Canton  State: GA  Email: tonyandkaren at adelphia.net  Comments: I have enjoyed your web-site. What an ordeal with Rotorway and your flight training! I have always been interested in helicopters and Rotorway. I have watched Rotorway grow from the Scorpion to the Exec 162. Looks like a great product now if they could get there Factory Support inline. I have a Cessna 152 and have been to Sun-N-Fun. I saw your ship there last year. I'll try to catch you down there in April this year.  Sincerely, Tony Cabero Eric Christianson  State: Wisconsin  Country: USA  Email: anorthrocite at hotmail.com  Comments: Great site!  I commend you for sticking with it through it all.  Was that a 4-seat ship at the bottom of your "rotorway ships photo gallery" page? Matt Runion  City: Jonesborough  State: TN  Email: mrunion at bigpony.com  Comments: Hope to build one myself someday in the next couple of years.  The Exec 162F seems to be the best choice, but it still seems there are mixed feelings on the bird. Gosh, it's be worth the pain for the gain, though! Keith Flaherty  City: Irving (Dallas)  State: Tx  Email: kflaherty at mcflaherty.com  Comments: Great Site! No B.S. straight forward, I so appreciate all this effort you have put into this site, wow! I really like your opinions, loved the account of going to the flight training and the coverage of each phase. When you were describing your doubts about being able to ever learn to fly i felt as though you where reading my experience w/fixed wing training. It took me a little longer than most for i was paranoid as hell. I have not finished covering your site yet, been reading it for 2 nights now, but thought you should know that you have created a great site, a least for me. Do you know of any builders in Dallas TX?  I will get back w/you time to time to comment on your site and freakin thanks a lot. Keith Flaherty Dallas TX PS By the way, i own an experimental plane, took my first flight in a heli and realized this was what i was looking for. I am seriously considering the purchase of the Rotorway. Ken Hill  Address: 502 Federal Ct.  City: Murfreesboro  State: Tennessee  Zip: 37129  Country: USA  Email: flyyou2170 at aol.com, Phone: 615-438-5151,  Comments: You all have done a great job with the website, keep it up! Vickie Runnels  Address: 217 Grove Ridge Drive  City: Winter Haven  State: Florida  Zip: 33880  Country: USA  Email: MeMaidaLady at aol.com  Phone: 863-965-8692 Cell phone: 863-581-6968 Comments: Hi Clell and Donna! Carl and holly heck City: whitesburg State: tenn Email: carlandhollyh at aol.com  Comments: liked your site. i was in morristowns a.p class. but didnt like how they was teaching the class. now im back building my air plane,lol maybe one day we will stop by and see your ship. Carl and Holly Ted Lolley Address: 309 east fourth street  City: owensboro  State: ky  Zip: 42303 Email: ted at lolley.com  Phone: 270-683-2270 Comments: enjoyed the info i too have the dream looks like i am 12 months away from starting Rodney Hall  City: Rossville  State: Ga  Email: rdhall at tennrand.com  Comments: Great site!  This is probably the most honest down to earth site I've seen about the Rotorway.  I like your honesty.  I have been considering the helicopter.  I am not able to afford it right now, but plan to in the future.  I like to hear the likes and dislikes of the ship and building process.  It will help me to make a more informed decision, so keep up the good work.  Thanks Rodney Hall Jay isbell  City: gloucester  State: va  Zip: 23062  Country: USA  Email: wjisbell at hotmail.com  Phone: 252-202-3084 Cell phone: same Comments: Just got a 1989 exec Fixing all the errors trying to figure out the weight and bal and trying to fine tune the rotor system received no videos and only partial books and plans with the ship Jay Isbell,  Address: 3919 apt 101 breezeport way  City: suffolk  State: va  Zip: 23435  Country: USA  Email: wjisbell at hotmail.com Phone:  757-761-0058 Comments: Own a 1989 ship and am building a 2003? anyway love your site keep up the great work! Jim Luster City: Aiea  State: Hawaii  Email: LusterJ at katewwdb.com  Comments: Thank you for providing this information.  I am doing a lot of internet reasearch about the "162F";.  It is my dream to build and fly my own in the next few years.  Thanks again, Jim Luster Wolfgang, Address: Mueller  City: Innsbruck  State: Austria  Zip: 6020  Country: Austria  Email: wwwdepp at a1.net  Phone:  0664 4200200  Cell phone: 0664 4200200  Comments: Helping a friend building his exec 162 Nick, Address: Parnell  City: Mound City  State: Kansas  Zip: 66056  Country: the great nation of USA  Email: coolpick87 at hotmail.com Comments: WOW! what a great site I am starting a year research and save up for one if I decide to get one by then. This site is really helping me Thanks Nick  Address: P.O. box 1City: Mound City  State: KS  Zip: 66056 Country: USA Email: coolpick87 at hotmail.com  Comments:  Hi, don’t know is I have already signed this but just wanted to make sure. This is a really good site. I am doing a couple year research on Rotorways and might even think about going to Homer's and places like that to get a better look at them and maybe even get a ride from someone. Well thank you and I hope you have a good day! Dwayne Lee Harnaha  Address: Box 213  City: Boyle State: Alberta  Zip: T0A 0M0  Country: Canada  Email: Harnaha at telusplanet.net Phone: 780 404-8000  cell phone: N/A  Comments: Is their any ships available for sale, I noticed in one photo ad for sale sign. Licensing is different here in Canada, a commercial license is $60,000.00 all incl. For that kind of money I figure it is cheaper to fly with a private license and buy my own ship and pay the instruction costs. If you know of any ships for sale let them contact me at harnaha at telusplanet.net  Thank you Name: Nick and Brenda Jones  City: Athens  State: TN  Email: boots3 at comcast.net  Comments: Guys, it was absolutely GREAT seeing you again last night and we will have to NOT let as much time lapse between visits in the future. THIS SITE IS WORDERFUL AND YES, I would love to do a project like this.  I flew in choppers A LOT in Vietnam, naturally and love it.  A project such is this has to be a labor of love.  We hope the funeral went as well as funerals could go today.  We know by experience that time is the only cure.  Take care and thanks again for you guys "just being Donna and Clell".  We know each time we see you guys that you are going to be the same, friendly and cordial folks and one can't say that about too many people.... consistency.....ha Nick of N&B.... Wierdwk456 at aol.com  City: collierville  State: TN  Comments: Wow, I am blown away! Incredible job building the Rotorway! Never seen as nice a website as you have here either.  I am an old guy who loves air planes, I started flying in '68 but finished my private last year. I now own a '69 Cessna 150 and work for a fly-by-night package delivery service as a systems engineer. I have been messing with airplanes for about 40 years so I can appreciate your achievement.  Just for grins I asked a friend here at work who used to fly heli for the police and I now have a couple of CFI leads I am going to follow up on here in Memphis.  I will pass along the info "if" I find anything useful.  Good luck and best wishes on getting your ticket. wally Jerry McKelvey  City: Glenpool  State: OK  Country: Tulsa  Email: mc7018 at msn.comcomments:  I have spent many hours browsing your web site.  You guys did an excellent job on it. I really enjoyed reading about someone living out one of my lifelong dreams. Especially the flight instruction sections.  I was surprised and pleased to see Tulsa Riverside apt. mentioned as I obtained my fixed wing private certificate there in 1981 and live 5 miles directly south. The way you described your training experience at RotorWay made me feel as if I was there with you.  Any way good luck and thanks. Jim O'Mahony  Address: 1200 Yellow Jacket Rd  City: VC Highlands  State: Nevada  Zip: 89521  Country: USA  Email: renojom at cs.com Phone: 775-847-9495  Comments: Building (very slowly), a JetExec from a 162F kit Tom Grabow  Address: 11014 Bar X Trail  City: Helotes  State: TX  Zip: 78023  Country: USA  Email: helotx at mindspring.com Paul Shanley  City: Nashville  State: TN  Email: Paul at wildginger.com  Comments: January 3rd, 2004 Dear Donna, Clell (always put the Wife first!) and Brandy, Thanks for all the hard work you've put into making your RotorWay story a successful one. Thanks even more for documenting it so well! My beautiful bride (14 years and climbing) surprised the crap out of me last week...and asked me how much a RotorWay helicopter cost!  She'd heard me talking about it and since I have always wanted to own a helicopter since the first day she met me, her taking an interest in one of the kit copters I've casually mentioned in the past was really quite a shocker.  Also, this from the woman who will not let me own or ride a motorcycle.  Not that I want to...but, well...it took me by surprise that she's so gung-ho on the helo.  I think I'll start sniffing around for that hidden extra life insurance policy that must be around here somewhere...;-) So, surfing the web I found your site; I read your flight training story, and it definitely  tells me the "other half" that needs to be thought through carefully, after all the thinking through we're going to have to just to build the danged thing!  Okay, I've blabbed enough.  IF you're ever in the greater Middle Tennessee area...either Nashville, Lebanon or Dickson (center, east and west)...allow me to buy you a drink, dinner, lunch or all of the above if it'd be okay to bend your ear about all you've been through.  We're hoping to get started by the end of 2004.  We have a full plate this year...so not likely to actually buy first part of kit, if we're going to do this at all, before end of 2004.  Thanks again for your Website and all of the services it provides those who are seriously looking!  Sincerely and Godspeed, Paul Shanley Paul at wildginger.com Joann Odenwelder  City: Dripping Springs  State: TX  Email: joannco at texas.net  Comments: Hey Clell and Donna, we met at Spurling's Fly-In Oct 2003.  Am enjoying reading your flight training experiences, but have to ask:  What in the heck is "lol" ??!!!???  Neither my husband Wayne (remember him) or I can figure it out.  It's probably simple, and we'll feel like idiots! Marvin Vasquez  Address: 125 Parker Place  City: Hamilton State: NJ  Aip: 08609  Country: Guatemala  Email: marvin123 at msn.com Phone: 609 6899123 Bill Chernoff  Email: bill at star-techno.com  Comments: Hi Donna and Clell I just found your web site (finally!!) I met you guys at Homer's in July. (I'm the guy who lost his cell phone-maybe you remember) Donna told me about your web site but the one i found when I got home was somehow related to yahoo.com.  I looked at it and thought oh yeah that’s ok I guess.  But now I found this one, which is obviously the one Donna was describing.  NICE WEB SITE!!  This is a valuable resource, and much appreciated! Hope to meet you again some day. Ken Cashwell  City: Shepherdsvile  State: KY  Email: cashwell at alltel.net  Comments: I'm a perspective builder looking to meet face to face with owners/builders/flyers to learn the pros and cons of the 162F.  Ken Raymond Ofstedal  City: Brookings  State: SD  Email: ofstedalr at hotmail.com Robert Showalter  State: Ohio  Email: farmfly at yahoo.com  Comments: just checking out your web site. have fun, keep healthy see you at Sun-N-Fun R22B N2359T Linda germano  City: watervliet  State: NY  Email: german2ch at msn.com Diane gamble  City: middleburg  State: Florida  Email: ladydi Raymond Ofstedal  City: Boynton Beach  State: Fl  Email: eweilheimer at msn.com Doris Ofstedal  City: Boynton Beach  State: Fl  Email: eweilheimer at msn.com Betty Skidmore  City: Iola  State: Kansas  Email: bjskid50 at hotmail.com Gloria M. Linton  City: Asheville  State: N.C.  Email: marielinton at msn.com JOHN KINDLER  City: PITTSBURG  State: PA  Email: JOHN44 at MSN.COM Douglas Therrien  City: Oxford Mills  State: Ontario  Country: Canada  Email: dclt736 at yahooca  Comments: Nice web site. Russ & Kathi Kunz  Address: W2215 Town MM  City: Neosho  State: Wisconsin  Zip: 53059  Country: USA  Email: russkunz at netwurx.net Comments: Great Web site! Warmest Regards from the frozen tundra in Wisconsin... Russ & Kathi Mark Pensenstadler,  Email: s10sakota at hotmail.com  www.geocities.com/s10sakota,  Comments: hey great web site! Keep adding flying stories-I like to read them.  I just built an S-10 and am dreaming now of the Rotorway. juliet  perotti  city: oak park  State: Ca  Country: USA  Email: jfperotti at msn.com  Comments: want to sign in as a guest Rebekah komar, Email: becca_nerd at msn.com Hi Clell and Donna,I just wanted to compliment you on the very informative website you have obviously spent many hours putting together. Today, I signed a contract with Rotorway for a January delivery date. I am excited and nervous, however, the wealth of information you have made available really lessens  a lot of the concern...thanks. I am a 54 year old dentist from St. Louis, Mo. and have owned three air planes. The most recent is a B55 Baron. I am presently advertising for a partner to free up some funds and time for the project. One of my hobbies has been woodworking and I love the "projects" and tinkering and learning. So I am combining the two hobbies and can't wait to get started. The write-ups you and Donna have done during the stages of building were filled with personal feelings that made me smile, laugh and hope that I will soon have the same range of emotions...that is what life is all about!  Sincerely, Tom Delaney, PS I hope that the web site will remain available during my construction.  Kindly let me know if this may change. Bob Clark  City: Eaton Rapids  State: MI  Email: bobclark12 at msn.com Gary Emery  City: Martinsville  State: New Jersey  Email: garyemery at aol.com  Comments: Thanks for all your time and hard work in assembling your website. I am really enjoying it. I am thinking about buying a Rotorway- if you knew at the beginning what you know now would you do it all over again?Gary Stu Marchetti  City: Drums  State: Pa  Email: stum at ptd.net  Comments: Very nice web site. jim lett Lee Sigloch  City: Palmetto  State: Florida  Email: lsigloch at aol.com  Comments: I know Skeeter. He told me about you. I am a fixed wing pilot. I have always been interested in helicopters. Keep up the good work Mick Gustafson, Country: usa  Email: mick32250 at yahoo.com Xavier de Tracy  Address: Lostraat 156  City: Lovendegem  State: O-VL  Zip: 9920  Country: Lovendegem  Email: xavier.detracy at pandora.be  Phone: 003293210121  Cell phone: 0032474716492  Comments: Congrats with your web site. It's a huge source of information! Today, I'm a fixed wing pilot and I'm expecting my Exec 162F kit within 3 weeks (15/04/2004).  Thanks Clell, I learned a lot with your site. Congratulations with all your awards!! Andrew Kallenbach  Address: 1717 NE 15th Terr.  City: Gainesville  State: FL  Zip: 32609  Country: USA  Comments: Clell, Congrats on the check ride a little while ago.  Hope you guys can make it to Sun-N-Fun this year.  Would like to meet as many RW owners as possible. Maybe get a ride or two. lol  I'll be there helping out from 16 - 19. Gavin Murray  Address: 22 Hollyhock Glade Adambrae Parks  City: Livingston  State: Scotland  Zip: EH54 9JQ  Country: UK  Email: swavcompany at btopenworld.com  Phone: uk 1506 463036  Cell phone: uk 7973 553432  Comments: Absolutely fabulous web site guys. I’ been studying this ship with a serious view to building it for the last two years.  I have been glued to your site for the last few days getting nothing else done.  Thanks so much guys, your writings and pictorials have answered so many questions I have had over the last couple of years with reference to chain Vs belt, mods etc.  I’ve got 55 hours training under my belt in an R-22 and my instructor has slated the Rotorway 162F on several occasions when I have mentioned building it.  This being in ignorance I believe due to all the stories of the first Rotorway's, and their associated problems.  I want a ship I could service and maintain myself to my own standards.  Pretty impossible with a R-22 due to high maintenance training costs and politics for parts etc.  At 41 I have had a good broad based hands on electromechanical background within an avionics company and was trained to a high military standard in practical electronic assembly and test.  This would be a lifetime achievement to build this ship, although I have wondered if it was within my capabilities.  Reading your reports has certainly helped build my confidence.  It is much better reading the facts you guys have documented rather than reading Rotorways.  I do not understand why Rotorway will not take on the Pro-Drive systems and endorse them.  All the documentation I have read to date on these issues makes sense to me to do so.  I hope you have many safe and happy flights in your ship.  Regards Gavin Murray. Scotland UK. Ron Weathers  Address: 2030 Juno Cir.  City: Pensacola  State: Fl  Zip: 32526  Country: US  Email: stormyron at cox.net  Phone: 850-944- 0794  Cell phone: 850-572-5518 Vince Bishop" <vbishop04 at serversolutions.com>To: <N162FA at rotorwayfun.com>  Subject: RotarWayFun.   Hey there,I saw a bird just like yours over west Knoxville this evening.  That prompted me to Google "helicopter Donna Clell" and there you were!  Very nice site. Was that you all flying around today?  Here is a link to the airport down in Florida I was telling you about; at capeplantation.com That is where Stephanie and Erich have a building lot.  Happy flying.  Vince BishopCTO, Server Solutions Inc. at serversolutions.com <http://www.serversolutions.com, Personal site: at serversolutions.com/vbishop Janet Gilliland  City: Vancouver  State: Washington  Email: JanetGilliland at msn.com Michelle  City: Springfield  State: Ky  Email: michelleguy at akebono-amtec.com David Anderson  Address: 47 Ridge Dr  City: New Braunfels  State: TX  Zip: 78130  Email: david.anderson at smi-texas.com  Comments: Great site, thanks!  Greetings from Texas!  I was cruising around and found your site, very nice.  I'm one of many Rotorway wannabes, with 6 kiddos what else can I be?  I enjoy reading about all you builders with great envy.  Thanks for the 'virtual 'experience, and keep up the fun!  Maybe one day, if the lotto pays off, lol.  Great Site!  It's great to read about others aventures and experiences in this cool ship. I may never get to experience this so reading all these adventures keeps the dream alive!  Keep up the good work! - Cheers!  David Anderson Structural Metals Incorporated(830) 372-8814 Bob Gillan  Address: Mission Aviation Fellowship  City: Nairobi  Country: Kenya  Comments: Good to meet you at Homers last year and like your site. Wayne Ward  Address: 1536 S. Kenilworth  City: Berwyn  State: IL  Zip: 60402  Country: United States  Email: triplew_99 at hotmail.com  Phone: 708-749-4797  Cell phone: 708-707-9273 Tom Doran, Address: 13110 Kings Hwy  City: King George  State: VA  Zip: 22485  Email: dorante at juno.com  Phone: 540 775-5187 Cell phone: 540 846-3729  Comments: Clell and Donna:  We met at Homers.  Tim Munson and I arrived on Friday night, after your incident. This was my first trip to Homers and I shall return.  Tim and I helped you put the "splint" on the tail boom as you were loading up. (I am a medic and splinting is my speciality.) It was wonderful to meet both of you, and I look forward to seeing you, and your ship (in the air) next year.  Tom Fred Seagle,  Address: 1766 Skyland Drive  City: Morganton  State: NC  Zip: 28655  Email: seagle at vistatech.net  Phone: 828-433-0114 Comments: Good site. I enjoy seeing and hearing about problems and fixes on these birds.  I own a Scorpion 11 helicopter, a little older but still sweet. Stu and Kathy Fields  Address: P. O. Box 1585  City: Inyokern  State: ca  Zip: 93527  Email: sfkf at iwvisp.com  Phone: 760 377-4478, Cell phone: 760 408-9747  Comments: Hi there, guys.  Good site. Stu read your article on the accident and really enjoyed it.  Kathy & Stu, Have a good weekend. Scott  Comments: Great Sight Carlo cilliers  Address: 5706 Hamilton ave  City: roisedale  State: md  Zip: 21237  Email: c.cilliers at att.net Chris May  City: Los Angeles Area  State: CA  Email: clmay at tcco.com  Phone: 626-570-0952  Cell Phone: 213-305-0696  Comments: I saw your trailer on RotorwayFun.  I would like to get some more info on it.  Yours is the best I have seen.  I like how you strapped the blades to the ceiling.  I hope to hear from you. George Boyd-Ratcliff  Address: 7 Wilkin Drive  City: Tiptree  State: Essex  Zip: CO5 0RS  Country: Great Britain  Email: GeorgeBR at qubetech.co.uk  Phone: +44 (0)1621 818689  Cell Phone: +44 (0)7730 661769  Comments:  Absolutely fantastic website. Wanting to build an Exec 162F here in the UK - just trying to sort how to finance it!!  Thanks for all the wonderful tips and pictures on your website!  Yours is a great looking ship! Gordon Callaghan  Address: 16 Briens Road  City: Northmead  State: nsw  Zip: 2152  Country: Australia  Email: gordon.callaghan at optusnet.com.au  Phone: 0296308302  Cell Phone: 0408410698  Comments:  Hi guys I've been looking at your site from January 2004 I really enjoy it.  Your site helped me with my decision to buy a rotorway kit which was delivered to me in June 2004 im really enjoying it.  I am up to section 6, the tail rotor slider plate......all the best from down under Dennis Frese  Address: 17021 1st Ave S.  City: Normandy Park  State: WA  Zip: 98148  Email: dfrese at worldnet.att.net, Cell Phone: 209- 779-4158 Name: David Lloyd  Address: 111-136st  City: Charleston  State: WV  Zip: 25315  Email: n977ma at peoplepc.com  Phone: 304-949-6114 Cell Phone: 304-395-0406  Comments: I like to read about the different Rotorways and I hope to have one of my own Johan Nielsen  City: Hudson  State: WI  Country: US  Email: johan at nomadwi.com  Comments: Excellent site...!!!  Your site has a lot of excellent information not found anywhere else.  I recently received my RWI EXEC 162f and I'm about 20 hours into the build.  I'm learning a lot as the project progresses and I have barely started...Thanks for the awesome site and good information.  Nice job...!!!johan NEJAT GUNAL  Address: NARENCIYE CAD.1417 SOK,NO:3/3  City: ANTALYA  Zip: 07100  Country: TURKEY  Email: nejatgunal at yahoo.com  Phone: +90+242+322 80 32  Cell Phone: +90+532+224 81 17  Comments: Excellent information received. Number one website for Rotorway Helos that I visited.  I hope will contact again as owner of Exec 162F. Richard Aziere  Address: 18605 Mach One Dr  City: Port St. Lucie  State: Florida  Zip: 34987  Email: dickaziere at cs.com  Phone: 772-461- 2610 Milton Thompson, Address: 615 Rutherford Ln  City: Franklin  State: TN  Zip: 37064  Country: USA  Email: flynut at comcast.net Comments: I've been wondering how you guys are doing.  I guess I know now.  Great website.  Whenever you are passing through Mid Tn, give me a call. Wayne Shafto  Address: 15 rawlins way feltwell  City: thetford  State: Norfolk  Zip: IP26 4DG  Country: England  Email: wjshafto at tiscali.co.uk  Phone: 01842 828 412  Cell Phone: 07930 433306  Comments: I have been interested in buying a 162f for some time now, either complete or part built.  Your site has lots of helpful photos and painstaking accounts of building your ship that could have easily have been avoided if the factory spent what seems like, in the bigger scale of things, a small amount of time rectifying the problems.  I have read some of the dramas that Clell went through to get his pilots license, I think I would have had a lot of trouble showing the kind of restraint that Clell obviously did to achieve his goal.  With that in mind I would appreciate any contact details of any UK cfi's or flight schools/individuals who would possibly be able to help me as I don’t think I have Clell's resolve.  Best regards, Wayne. Dennis Megarry  Address: 5600 S.W. US 42  City: Ostrander  State: Ohio  Zip: 43061  Country: USA  Email: dennis at myairplane.com  Phone: 740-703-0580  Comments: Great Site! Allen Watson  City: Portland  State: Oregon  Zip: 97231  Country: USA  Email: allen13331 at earthlink.net  Phone: 503 690 9870  Comments: Good account of your experiences with the Rotorway and flight training. Dan VanDusen  Address: 636 Terminal Cir  City: Livermore  State: CA  Zip: 94551  Country: USA  Email: vair11 at yahoo.com  Phone: 925- 321-0093  Comments: Excellent site. Very nice building tips. Robert Maslar  Country: Japan  Email: rmaslar at yahoo.com  Comments: Outstanding website!  I fly the SH-60B for the US Navy and have been looking for a used Jet Exec 162F for myself.  If anyone has any leads please pass them along.  I still have not seen any after market kits to mount a launcher and a 4-pack of Hellfires to the port side of the Rotorway airframe! RUSSELL SUMMERS, Address: 2468 MONTVALE AIR PARK  City: MARYVILLE  State: TN  Zip: 37803  Country: USA, Email: russellsummers6764 at earthlink.net  Phone: 865-984-9750  Cell Phone: 865-659-3755 Bill Chernoff from Canada  Email: bill at star-techno.com  Comments: I sure enjoyed reading about your tail boom repairs and the 100 hour service.  Hopefully I'll see you again at Homer's this year. Dieter Mannheim  Address: Aachener Str.124a  City: Koblenz  Zip: D - 56072  Country: Germany  Email: Dieter_Mannheim at web.de  Phone: 0049 171 5502915  Cell Phone: 0049 261 23737 Paul M Edwards  City: Tacoma  State: WA  Country: USA  Email: pauledwards at gmail.com  Comments: Great site!I've been mesmerized for the last few hours as I happened upon it.  Helicopters have been a dream of mine for a very long time... My 2nd word as a child was Helicopter (1st was Truck).  I hope to have a Helicopter of my own one day.  Thanks for the inspiration. Charles "Chuck" Ogle  Address: 22082 Malone Av.  City: Port Charotte  State: Fl  Zip: 33952  Email: chuckogle at earthlink.net  Phone: 941- 624-6419  Cell Phone: 941-661-2348  Comments: Nice Job Clell and Donna P. Roth  Address: A. Bl'pfad 11  City: R'bach  State: Germany  Zip: 53359  Country: NRW  Email: PERO- at t-online.de  Phone: +49-2226- 909799  Comments: Thank you for this lot's of time and energy you spend for this side.  It help me to deside to get an EXEC in the future! Hunter Slaton  Address: P. O. Box 1369  City: Wetumpka  State: Alabama  Zip: 36092  Email: huntersla at aol.com  Cell Phone: (334)315- 0838 Carl Walker  Address: 1503 Apache  City: Glendale  State: Arizona  Zip: 85307  Email: carl.walker at luke.af.mil  Phone: (623) 451-6261 Comments: Although I do not own a helicopter, I am very fascinated w/ them, especially the rotorway. I hope to build and own one someday.  Your site has really help me realize that this is a dream of mine that could actually come true.  Thank you for posting such good information on your site.  It really is a big help to all enthusiast. Cori Harris  Address: P.O. Box 781 Robert St.Denis, Address: 183 SW Captains Glen City: Lake City  State: Florida  Zip: 32025  Email: stdenisr at atlantic.net  Phone: 904 704 9258  Comments: Excellent Site Tony Regnart, Address: Po Box 13553 Humewood  City: Port Elizabeth  Zip: 6013  Country: South Africa  Email: alusystems at isat.co.za Phone: +27 41 5835907  Cell Phone: +27 82 5555 417  Comments: I have just purchased a new 162F kit from Rotorway, busy painting airframe at present.  Found your website very interesting will visit on a regular basis for new info. etc. Thanks Cori Harris  Address: P O Box 781  City: Rhome  State: Texas  Zip: 76078  Country: United States  Email: cori.harris at txdps.state.tx.us Comments: My good friend Brad has a rotorway helicopter.  He is a friend of John S's and attends the fly-in in OK.  I have been thrilled to learn about the helicopters and to fly with Brad.  I enjoyed your website as well. Nancy Miller  Address: P.O.. box 425  City: Kenwood  State: CA  Zip: 95452  Country: U.S.A.  Email: nancyandhap at aol.com  Phone: 707- 833-5905  Comments: We are having a Helicopter meet May 5,6 & 7 2006 at Groveland CA on a private property.  Dry camping available on site.  We are inviting all Home Built and factory ships to bring their ships and share ideas.  This meet is just minutes from Yosemite. Thank You Hap and Nancy Miller Rafe Davidge  Address: 1337 Kaiaua Road  City: RD3 Pokeno  State: Auckland  Zip: 1872  Country: New Zealand  Email: scrawn at paradise.net.nz  Cell Phone: 6421827976  Comments: Great site.  Heaps of interesting stuff.  As I'm in the beginning of the build process with my Dad (Lyn, the main money behind it all, :-) ) this site has been most interesting.  Especially the secondary debate... What if any is the right way to go one wonders.......  Keep the info coming, Fantastic
Anders Paulsson, Address: Fridhems Gaard  City: Vellinge  State: Scania  Zip: 23591 Country: Sweden  Email: anders.paulsson at euromail.se, Phone: +4640423032 Cell phone: +46708452175  Comments: Hi! Great site with lots of good information! Thanks and Good Luck to you! Anders & Caroline Scandinavian Lite & Ezy Aviation
Thanks! to all of the visitors to our site and for the many kind comments! even to the ONE person who left the bad one lol. Donna & Clell
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