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Accessories, Add-Ons and Mods Cooling System Foot Pedals Oil Bath Seat Back Air Vents Cyclic Setup Frame Oil Breather Cap Skid Tubes Alternator and Water Pump Doors Fuel Pumps Oil Quick Change Valve Static Port Ballast Weight DWI While Flying Fuel Rack Oil Cooler Tail Boom Belly Pan Electrical System Fuel Tanks Oil Filter Tail Rotor Body Engine Ground Handling Wheels Overhead Switch Panel Tools Builders Tips Exhaust System Heat Shielding Paint Turbine Rotorway Bulletins From Rotorway and Beyond FAA Inspection Heat Temp Dots Pitot Tube Turbo Add-On Clutch Arm and Assembly Fan Drive Instrument Panel Powder Coating Vertical Tail Fin Collective Flight Check Lists Instruments Rotor Tach Weight and Balance Compass Flight Training Main Rotors Seat Belts Secondary_Drive_Unit This section has turned out to be of chronicle of the secondary drive Our intention is for it to contain a past to present day format so you can see what we knew then and what we know now.  It's pretty intense and we'll keep adding to it as we find out more about it's history.  This is also the item that gave us the idea to do it to every part of the information in this builders help section If you have any pertinent data on the secondary drive to add please send it to us.
This section consists of building photos, files and data we have amassed over the years and do our best to keep up with. It's just about as big as our own ships building section with pretty close to the same layout. It contains all of the pictures and most of the files we've saved from gathering data in past as well as present years. All the pictures we have are here but we've still got files to add as soon as we get chance. If you have any pertinant data to add please send it to us. As of January, 2005 there are over 15,000 pictures on this site, hopefully there is a picture of the item you are looking for.