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Needless to say, we're very proud of the two of them. We have a business in Knoxville, TN, named Phoenix Glass, Inc.  It is a full service auto glass store serving both the wholesale and retail markets here.  Clell got into this trade in 1972 in Troy, Michigan, where he learned the auto and flat glass trade including prototype work for General Motors in Warren, Michigan.  He was also involved with DeLorean Motors Company supplying them with tech support for their glass installations . In 1986 he opened a store here in Knoxville, TN, where he's been ever since (truth is he finally found a woman mean enough to keep him still and put up with him lol). Clell's hobbies over the years have included race cars, motorcycles, scuba diving (PADI), water skiing, ski boats, and then into yachting where he was what you call a live aboard on the gulf coast of Florida for a few years.  From there it kept on going, things such as metal detecting (finding out the world is covered with pull tabs lol), horses till he wrecked his lol, competition handgun shooting (IPSC), electronics, photography, and K-9 dog training (Schutzhund) , and presently helicopters (which has always been there just not acted upon until now).  Who knows what's next, but you can bet it will be fun and something that keeps you on your toes. Donna's hobbies have been numerous too like snow skiing which doesn't happen often enough, competition roller skating in my younger days, piano and clarinet, UT football (A BIGGIE), horses till Clell wrecked his lol, Isshinryu Karate (Donna's great uncle, Grand Master Alan Wheeler, 10th Dan, pictured on the site was the founder and past owner of the dojo), competition handgun shooting, metal detecting, reading, K-9 training (Schutzhund), motorcycles and now Helicopters. Donna and I are also became highly involved in helping Service Disabled Veterans make a go of it in this world. Guess you can see we're both kind of hard to entertain and don't like coloring inside the lines.  We also entertain a lot with the on-line community of America Online (since 88) so we've met people from all over the world and all walks of life which we enjoy immensely. We have made some great friends in the process and we've even introduced a few folks to one another that hitched up to make a life together, pretty kewl huh! That's about it for us in a nutshell so enjoy this site cause we worked our butts off on it lol.
(KaroAgi Video here)
Karo, our son, hailed from Budapest, Hungary. He was 6 years old in this picture and hadn't quite figured out what the big tadoo was about with this helicopter thing. He was another gift the Lord gave us and for 12 years he was a wonderful companion to our family. He was ranked as a Schutzhund I, B, AD in the world of German K-9's and we spent 4 years training him, really he was training us lol. He was way past a level III as far as Schutzhund training goes. He was trained in several different areas such as Obedience, Protection, Defence, Narcotics, Cadaver, Firearms and Tracking. His ultimate thing and purpose was being a companion to and guarding children. Brandy and Karo have also appeared once on national television on the FX Channel out of New York City, doing a demonstration of his children guarding abilities.
Ozirisz Karo 9/30/91 to 8/20/05
A&P's R'US      (We wish, lol) LOL or  lol = Laughing out Loud Well this is us before our building project...now we're a little older, a little wider, alot poorer, and not any wiser.  We haven't got any pictures of us recently since the only thing the camera has been taking pictures of as you will see is the heli lol. Clell, is originally from Michigan with an automotive background and is an obsessive, compulsive, perfectionist (which is a must for a hobby like this) and oh yeah....bitchy lol. Donna, (that's me) is from Tennessee, and a true southern belle Clell might add.  I get bored easy so living with Clell is perfect for me, never a dull moment lol.  I am a die hard University of Tennessee Volunteer Football Fanatic (notice the color scheme here) and used to getting my way.  So you will someday soon, once we figure out how to do it, see our heli painted in some kind of UT scheme.  And by the way...we have the white part done,  we just have to embellish it with some orange graphics and a Power T or two and we're a done deal paint wise. Brandy, our daughter, was 10 in this picture and is the greatest gift god bestowed upon us.  She kept a GPA of 3.5, has also been trained in Isshinryu Karate, in elementary school was on the Safety Patrol and in TAG (talented and gifted students).  In Intermediate school she was in the Duke University 7th Grade Talent Search (which included taking the ACT in the 7th grade), National Honor Society, and in the 2004 school year she began tutoring the mentally handicapped at her school and assisted them in the Special Olympics.  This really surprised us because as a teen it has always been about her lol.  We must have done something right somewhere and we're really proud of her latest venture,  she's even thinking of making her career in Special Education.  Other hobbies are her car, chatting on the phone which is permanently attached to her ear, and of course an even worse habit......boys.  She's now graduated high school and stays pretty busy working part time, which helps to keep her away from the bad habits alot lol.  Now in her teen years we are not only pulling our hair out from working on the heli but dealing with a teenager aka parent abuse in drag lol.  She's been great through this project and just like us has made several sacrifices for it.
Clell, Donna and Brandy
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