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Businesses that really busted our bubble along the way RotorWay's Flight School - see all about our experience on the Flight Training pages!  Synopsis is if we had known what we found out during Phase III check ride In June of 2002, that RotorWay's Flight School had a 60% failure rate at the time we would have went a different route and saved a hell of a lot of time, money and anguish. Williams Door Company of Knoxville, Tennessee, who screwed us on our new overhead door for the workshop we built.  Not only did we have to buy extra stuff, they cost us more than a month of building time.  Clopay Door Company was great to deal with once we got in contact with them, they overnighted the things we needed at no charge and make one hell of a great overhead door. Shields Electronics of Knoxville Tennessee who wouldn't sell us electronic items for our experimental ship, not even a simple item like a toggle switch.  Their reason was they were afraid they would get sued if they allowed any of their products to be installed in aircraft.  Funny thing though is they knowingly sell things to several other folks who are installing their stuff in commercial aircraft.  They cost us several weeks waiting on mail order items not to mention paying much more money for common off the shelf items such as paying $12.00 for a $3.00 toggle switch plus the freight from shipping it in. Thanx for visiting!
Special thanks to: Tom Smith and the folks at RotorWay whom we have bugged to death and hopefully will continue to do for a long time lol. Dave Reisender, in New York, who really went the mile in helping us to pursue this project and has become a great friend in the process (by the way, looks like the south kicked ass here Dave hehe.) John Spurling (Pro Drive) who came out with a working cog belt system.  We also kept him entertained asking all sorts of dumb questions and who, by the way, owes us a chicken which he shorted us when we joined the cult lol. John & Charmienne (Goose) Pohlman the former publishers of  RotorHeads for their wonderful newsletter not to mention their moral support.  And their predecessor Rob McInnis who previously published RotorHeads until they took it over. Dwight Burnette formally of the Knox County Sheriff's Department here in Knoxville Tennessee who was an invaluable source in aiding us with tech support for us while creating and installing the ships avionics.  Not to mention the other 18 million questions he answered for us.  Thanks from us to all the rest of you guys at the department too. Nick and Perry of Benson Enterprises in Knoxville, Tennessee.  These guys were the manufacturers of the Magnum steam cleaners and were super in supplying us with miscellaneous pieces of metal, did all of the critical welding that we needed done and allowed us to use their equipment like a metal bender and a few other items not to mention their time which we took alot of. At the time you couldn't buy a better product than what they manufactured and you sure couldn't have bought it from better people.  
This is a great ship and it has its flaws just the same as any other man made thing does, or non-man made thing for that matter. In our opinion, we feel it is the best thing out there of any home built helicopter kit. There are other helicopter kits on the market and they too have their share of troubles.  One way to put it is we believe in this RotorWay ship enough to put our lives on the line because that is exactly what were doing, it really can't be said any plainer than that.
There are things on this site some may consider bashing the folks at RotorWay.  It is neither our aim nor is it our intentions to do so.  What you'll find here is our actual experiences from the very conception of this project right up to the present day with the goal being to write it in black and white with as few gray areas as possible.
Primarily this site is to share our experience with other dreamers, Rotorway NUTZ, and builders and hopefully save someone a bunch of head scratching we had to go through on our project from everything to considering buying it, building it and even the paperwork to get it up and outta the barn and into the air.  We've had bunches of help and want to say thanks to a lot of folks out there from the staff of Rotorway to fellow builders who have done been there and done that.
We received our kit in August of 1998 and have been working on it ever since...sometimes more diligently than others...and while we are at the happily part, we have yet to see the ever after part that's in all the fairy tales.  With a little perseverance and a lot more money we will conquer this project eventually lol.
About 1990 I saw an ad in a magazine for the RotorWay helicopter.  After years of dreaming and putting it off and with the help of someone thats as crazy as I am Donna and I took a leap into the wonderful exciting world of kit helicopters and started what we call weaving a dream.
When I was a child my grandfather always had lots of kewl magazines like Mechanics Illustrated and Popular Science.  I was always amazed at all the gadgets found in the pages.  It really didn't matter what it did, it was the mechanisms that aroused me.  Gadgets and gizmo’s have now and always will fascinate me.  Of all the things I read about in those books the Benson gyro copter is the most vivid of my memories.  What a kewl machine, all those parts whirling about with the end result being 3D flight was just so neat.  The helicopter is to me the ultimate gadget and just seeing it all work is a real thrill.
LOL or  lol = Laughing out Loud
August 1998 to present After a little bit of prodding from our fellow RotorWay buds.....here's our shot at a web site.  This started out way smaller but as we went on we found out more things we thought we should share and then a few more things and before we knew it the thing blossomed into what you see here. As of January 05 there are 13,091 pictures, many of which are redundant, but we throw them in anyway lol.  For the most part this started out being our builders log and since it was all on our computer anyway it was easier to just show the whole thing than just small bits and pieces of it.  We're by no means writers so excuse any spelling or grammatical errors.
Ipower   our   former   Internet   host   provider   that   we   had   this   site   residing   upon   took   it   down   a   few   years   ago because   our   site   was   according   to   them   old,   out   dated,   and   taking   up   to   much   bandwidth   so   we   have   no   choice but to rewrite the entire RotorwayFun website to bring it up to todays standards (if that possible) lol. Check out the What’s New Page for more information 
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